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Candle burning instructions


Never leave candles burning unattended. Place candles in a draft-free area. Keep burning candles away from children and pets. Never leave wick trimmings, matches, or any other material in the wax pool as these can create a fire hazard. Dispose of all packing materials or foreign matter before lighting a candle. Keep your burning candles away from any flammable objects.

When the wick becomes too short, the resulting flame will give unsatisfactory burning. To correct this, extinguish the flame and carefully pour off the liquid wax. Relight the candle; allow it to burn for about one hour. If the flame is still too small repeat process until the flame is able to continue to burn the wax it has melted with a normal flame size.

Container Filled Candles

Always place candle on a heat resistant holder. When the candle burns down to the bottom of the container there could be enough heat to damage the furniture on which the candle is sitting. Keep the flame from getting too close to the container. The heat from the flame could cause the container to crack. Handle burning container candles with care. The melted wax and flame can cause the containers to be too hot to handle. To be additionally safe, when the wax level is from 1/4 to 1/2 from the bottom of container, you should discontinue use and avoid the possibility of the container cracking.

Glass containers are particularly fragile and heat concentrated in one area could cause the glass to break. Special care should be taken to protect surface and surrounding areas from hot broken glass and melted wax.